Classes have started!

So I’m going a little off topic today.

I know I’ve been absent from blogging but classes started Tuesday and on Monday I had academic advising. Over the weekend I went to the shore for possibly the last time til next year. Even got to swim in the ocean (been a long time since I got to do that!)

So I gave myself time off.

Already had tons of homework due and quizzes during week 1. 🙀

My impression of university of Delaware is good thus far. I’m a little overwhelmed but I should fall into the groove of things in a couple weeks.

I’ve become more focused on my goals too. I decided to double major in Plant and Marine Sciences. I was watching “How I Met Your Mother” and the naked man (if you seen the show you’ll know who I’m talking about) said to set a goal for yourself. Then every action you take should be to accomplish that goal. Mine isn’t to end world poverty though it’s definitely a noble goal. Mine is to restore coral. I know it could be a hopeless goal but I believe there is silt time. I have 32 years before estimated extinction of coral, right? I’m only 32 myself. So that’s my goal. My aim.

I can only hope the world changes for the better and becomes more environmentally friendly. It’s scary having a president that is trying to execute the planet. I hope future leaders work hard to undo all his damage.

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