So I know, I vanished for a month. I had finals, end of the semester projects, and just general chaos going on. Then when it was over it was the holidays, of which I spent with my family. So from chaos, to fun, to a new year! I’m back again. Most likely I’ll disappear on and off as I get busy…but for the month of January I hope to have plenty of time to discuss more marine topics. Spring semester starts back up in February.

So, random topic today. I love Octopuses! “Omg, isn’t it Octopi!?” Yes, no, and then some! The most common usage is Octopuses. The plural Octopi is based on Latin for Latin words, however the word Octopus is Greek, not Latin. The Greek plural, used in British English, is Octopodes. So all three are acceptable, though in American English you’ll hear Octopuses used most as the plural form.

Interested in more details? https://www.merriam-webster.com/video/octopus

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