Epaulette Sharks

So many people are terrified of sharks. There really isn’t a reason to be – most sharks are actually docile. And because humans are often on land rather than the sea there isn’t much chance of running into a shark. There are more cow attacks per year than shark attacks. Yet people go nuts on how dangerous sharks are and how bloodthirsty. I’m not saying they’re not dangerous, just that the danger is greatly over exaggerated.

Today’s shark is pretty cool. Epaulette Sharks are capable of walking on land! Don’t worry, they’re small and not going to seek people out to eat them. They developed the ability to survive low tides among coral reefs. They can even breath out of water. Thanks to this they are a very successful predator. And if trapped in one pool without prey they can just up and move to another.

Interested in seeing more of these guys? Click the link!


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