Water Penny!

My posts are definitely getting too far apart. Classes are in full swing, and homework plus work work keep me busy busy busy.

But I still love making time to write about various things.

Today’s topic is the Water Penny Beetle. These little guys live in freshwater areas and they’re sensitive to pollution. They’re often used to determine water quality. The larvae (which is the life cycle they spend the most time in) look like pennies. They’re pretty cute (if insects don’t make you squeamish of course).

They’re often found in rivers, ponds, streams, etc. They cling to the bottom of smooth stones and feed on algae. If the water quality is poor you won’t be able to find these little guys. It’s not uncommon to use insects to determine water quality – their tiny lives are the most drastically affected by smaller changes. And any small change in an ecosystem can be dangerous. Insects used as an aid to determine water quality are called Bioindicators.

More Water Penny Info: https://nature.mdc.mo.gov/discover-nature/field-guide/water-penny-beetle-larvae

Using insects to determine water quality: https://entomologytoday.org/2015/08/19/what-can-insects-and-mites-tell-us-about-water-quality/

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